Type : Company News
Date of Release : 2018-05-14

Parallel gen-set controller - InteliGen 200
More fuction than IC-NT but with similar price
It will be applied in more areas
Comprehensive paralleling gen-set controller
Parallel operation for up to 32 gen-sets
Direct communication with ECU
Remote control and monitoring
Flexible, extendable, yet user friendly

Controller for single gen-set applications- InteliLite 9
More easy fuction with more lower cost but easy optional
It can help reduce price if products no need such AMF20 Fuction
Singlegen-set controllerforstand-by andprime-
Direct communicationwithEFI engines
All-in-oneintuitive& powerful PC tool for
configuration/monitoring/control, locally orremotely

Should you need more datasheet about new model, pls kindly contract [email protected] for more information

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