DIY Power have abundant experience of providing power solutions for all kinds of application over the world.

We are able to provide complete design and production no matter of primary plan or long maintenance of power system, even extended services.

A small step toward a big future. Complete Power Solution, Strong Quality, Famous Brand, Perfect Performances, Responsible Services, Continuously Improving.....all DIY-Power's effort are looking forward to giving us a chance that bringing powerful win-market for you. 

Building covers a wild range, including office buildings, skyscrapers, residences, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, schools, etc. Non-stop power supply is needed to operate the computers, lightings, electric appliance, elevators in these places. Power generators usually act as standby power, standing by main power.
Hospitals have a more demanding power supply. The power for hospitals allows absolutely no interrup- tion and must be provided in a super silent way. to meet the demanding requirements, the power generators must have excellent performance, also AMF and ATS are required. 
Train Stations 
What will happen if power is gone in a railway station? The fire system, safety system, telecom system, signals system, and data system will collapse; the whole station will get in a mess and horror; tremendous economic loss will be caused.
Banks own large numbers of advanced computers and other equipments, which can only be operated in a demanding room. The room environment has a strict requirement for the temperature, humidity, cleanness, noise, static electricity, electromagnetic interference. 
Power generators are mainly applied for telecoms stations in telecoms industry. Usually, generator sets 800KW are needed for provincial station, and generator sets 300KW to 400KW are needed for municipal station, as standby power. For town or county station, 120KW and below are needed, usually as prime power. 
Oil Fields 
DIY Power provides a complete set of power solutions for oil fields, supplying power for oil exploration, gas process, oil production facility construction, operation and maintenance. Usually power generators are used as prime power source for daily life, engineering in oil fields. 
Outdoor Projects 
DIY Power have abundant experience of providing powersolutions for outdoor projects all over the world. 
DIY Power solution for mining ensures high efficiency of mining exploration and process. Usually power generators are used as prime power source for daily life, engineering in mining site. 
Power Plants 
DIY Power provides a comprehensive power solution for power plants, ensuring continuous power supply in case the power plant stops delivering power. 
Diesel power generators for military use are mainly used as prime power for outdoors, weapons and devices, telecommunication, and civil defense. 
Outdoor Prime Power 
Generator sets used as outdoor prime power usually have to deal with tough environments. 

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